Please read before submitting your payment.

  • All sessions require a $30 non refundable deposit (unless discussed otherwise) to secure your session and are due within 24 hours of booking. Deposits are non-refundable but can be used towards your next session if you need to reschedule. 

  • If you do need to reschedule please notify me at least 24hrs in advance. You have 30 days to reschedule your shoot to keep your deposit.  After 30 days you will be required to make another deposit when scheduling. 

  • Balances are due the day of your session.  Payments are accepted in the forms of Cash App or Cash. Let me know in advance your prefer method of payment. 

Gallery Rules

  • Please do not screenshot and share unedited photos from your gallery. If your photos are watermarked they are not to be kept and or shared via social media.

  • you will receive the amount of edit photos agreed upon by your session and or payments. If you want more edits than your session offers you are able to receive them at $5 per edit.

  • Under no circumstances will I give out unedited photos to my clients to keep.

Even Policies

1. Copyright. As the author of all images made hereunder, the photographer retains full copyright to all images provided, per U.S.C Title 17 (U.S. Copyright Law). Full resolution .jpg image ownership for all good and excellent quality photographs is extended to the client(s) by the photographer. The client may alter, reproduce, print, and electronically distribute any image without limitation. The photographer retains all rights to use all images for portfolio, samples, self-promotions, or for professional competition and review (online or in print) but will not use images for any other purpose without first obtaining written permission from the client(s). 2. Permissions. It is the clients' responsibility to schedule and receive permission to use various locations for photography. It is the clients' liability to negotiate any photography limitations or requirements during the event. 3. Payment. Balances are due the day of your event and 15 minutes before the event begins. Payments are accepted in the forms of Cash App, PayPal or Cash. Photographs will not be captured until payment is submitted. 4. Shooting Time. Event time was agreed upon by the photographer and client. The photographer will arrive 15 minutes early to begin set up. If by any reason undue to the photographer, the event is delayed, the photographer will still receive full payment for the times agreed. If the event is prolonged and the photographer is requested to stay, extended time payments will be charged to the client by the photographer. Photos will not be released to the client until overtime payment is made.






  • USB DEVICE WITH Images - $20

  • Additional time - $15 (per half hour, sessions only not events)

*By paying  your deposit you have agreed to the policies above and have an understanding of your session and what is expected from me and what I expect from you as my client.  

Pay your deposit


Thank you! I cannot wait to capture your special moments!